Skanda Yoga Studio


Skanda Yoga Studio is one of the city’s friendly, neighborhood studios that is dedicated to the practice of the emerging Skanda Yoga form. » Read more..

Exhale Yoga


Exhale Mindbodyspa is a one-stop holistic wellness shop that offers several mind-body programs in an intimate yet commercially-slick set-up. You have all the regular frills of a spa, therapy and food-drinks place, apart from yoga classes throughout the week and a well-stocked, gorgeous gymnasium. » Read more..

Dharma Yoga Studio


Dharma Studio is your quintessential neighborhood yoga community that is as chic as it is homey and as intimate as contemporary. Located in the heart of the Coconut Grove area, the studio conducts a series of daily yoga classes along with a host of interesting workshops, special events and teacher training programs. The friendly, next door yoga studio offers a plethora of weekend activities for the entire family, while focusing on putting the OM into community. » Read more..

Anahata Yoga Studio


Anahata is an intimate and    unpretentious yoga studio that offers classes throughout the week across all levels. Their aim is to help every practitioner gain a more in-depth understanding of their body, mind and nature along with the ability to surmount physical and mental limitations. Their aesthetic studio combined with an experienced posse of staff and a homey vibe adds to the charm of Anahata. The studio offers everything from Vinyasa Yoga to Dharma Mittra to Pre Natal Yoga and Yogic arts. In addition to these yogic pursuits, Anahata also conducts Dynamic Dance and Meditation. » Read more..

Kids and Vegetarianism

These days people are more aware of their own health and there has been a rise in parents raising their children as vegetarians. To be a vegetarian your age doesn’t particularly matter, rather it is generally speaking very healthy for any person at any age to maintain a vegetarian diet. The first step to being a vegetarian is to omit meat foods from their diet (obviously), but sometimes that’s more difficult when raising children.

It is true that kids also can be a vegetarian but the parents should consult with an expert nutritionist and gain proper knowledge of which foods they should include in their child’s overall diet. Parents should make sure that their kids are getting all the vitamins and minerals that their growing body needs. Older kids should not just suddenly stop eating meat without taking any advice from their parents or an expert but rather should take help from an adult to make dietary changes. » Read more..

An Introduction to Aerial Yoga

When we use a hammock as a helping tool to assist practitioners achieve perfect yoga positions, we call it Aerial Yoga. But why should we call it ‘Aerial’? An aerial, also acrobatic or air step, is a dance move in Lindy Hop where one’s feet leave the floor. So when we use the same techniques while practicing yoga, we call it Aerial Yoga. The term has come to mean a wide range of special and unusual yoga moves, including stretching, bending and relaxing. One can practice some yoga poses and movements while suspended a few inches off the ground through Aerial Yoga. » Read more..

The differences between Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates both are becoming more popular worldwide day by day.  Though there are many commonalities between Pilates and Yoga, they also have many differences as well. The differences mainly depend on how each discipline is practiced and what the primary goals are. Here we are going to focus on some differences between Yoga and Pilates: » Read more..

An Introduction to Pre and Post Natal Yoga

pre and post natal yogaPregnancy can be a scary time for some women as they may feel anxious and stressed about the responsibilities of motherhood and also about the physical toll of childbirth. During this very special time women may feel mental and physical instability and this instability can affect the baby. Good physical health and mental health is very important not only for the expectant mother but also for the baby. A perfect mind-body alignment helps the mother deal with pregnancy as well as deal with life after the baby. This mind-body alignment can be gained by practicing Yoga regularly. The ancient physio-spiritual practice ‘Yoga’ can uplift the expectant mother physically, mentally and also emotionally. » Read more..

Benefits of Yoga for Teens

yoga for teensFor every individual, the teen years are very special time. At that time huge changes take place in the body’s chemistry and physiology. These changes create a lot of stress in many forms such as neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain, headaches, eye strain, tight hip flexors and insomnia.  Nearly one-fifth of the nation’s teens suffers from emotional disorders and has enormous difficulty dealing with these disorders. Teens face not only physical problems but also psychological and spiritual problems and Yoga is one of the best way to get rid of these problems. Here we are focusing on the benefits of Yoga for teens: » Read more..

Synergy Center For Yoga


Miami’s oldest and most-well-known yoga studio, Synergy Center for Yoga and Healing Arts is an enchanting spiritual hub in the heart of the South Beach area. A breath of fresh air among the more corporate yoga brands, this authentic 15-year old healing arts center is popular for its donation based classes and intimate approach. They offer more than 50 classes throughout the week in various styles such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundaini Yoga, Jivamukti Yog, Sivananda Yoga, Pre natal Yoga and more. Their passion for movement and fitness doesn’t stop here- there are a number of fun and therapeutic cross-discipline classes such as Meditation, Belly Dancing, Yoga & Dance, Sweaty Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. Synergy Center for Yoga’s L-shaped studio provides an added feeling of warmth and personalization during the classes and their Hot Yoga classes are a rage. » Read more..